Really Does She Just Like Me?

Reader Question:

I have been pals because of this lady for a while. She dumped the woman boyfriend. We’ve been texting a whole lot – like 200 messages a week. I hold acquiring mixed indicators from her, and that I really like the girl. Do I need to do it? But Really don’t wish destroy the relationship often. We additionally go out, and I also believe she actively seeks me personally within the places.

-Ivan S. Bently (Kansas)

Specialist’s Response:

Hi, Ivan. Thanks for trusting you using this vital individual concern.

There are a great number of possibilities to describe what are you doing here, but I want to give you my personal “take.” To begin with, you say she’s sending mixed indicators, which most likely means she actually is puzzled rather than clear on precisely what she desires.

She could have feelings or expectations when it comes to commitment she simply remaining, or she can be waiting for you to make a move. She can still take the healing up process, and she may possibly not be ready to be observed publicly with another guy but.

Texting could be her method of extend and linking today while she completes mentally disconnecting from her ex. She may also be puzzled if her relationship for you sometimes appears loves it really is evolving into some thing bigger, but she actually is unclear should you decide “like” like the girl.

For you, Ivan, you are in a really precarious place today. She actually is on rebound and requires emotional service. She trusts both you and feels better when she offers some messages or hangs aside with you. She looks for you when you look at the halls because she likes you, in one method or another, and that’s where you have to be mindful. Should you decide place the relationship initially above your desire for online dating the lady as a girlfriend, you are in severe likelihood of being relegated for the “friend zone,” and that is a challenging location to getting away from.

My guidance for your requirements is to obtain together with the lady and chat face-to-face. It needs to be earlier in the day and faster than a genuine day, however it will give you an idea if she wants to view you or not. Tell the lady she has to move out and take one hour to laugh and enjoy herself and you would love the chance to keep in touch with their in a tad bit more range, also. Choose an area where your friends never ever go – perhaps a Starbucks across town – so she’ll feel as if the woman confidentiality will be secured.

Ask the lady just how she’s undertaking while she’s genuinely done together with her ex. Spend extremely attention to her body gestures. Is actually she tilting closer or away? Is actually she big-eyed and cheerful, or separated and thoughtful? Is actually she operating “girly” or like a buddy?

Absolutely something else you have to do: inform the girl in a really matter-of-fact manner in which you love the lady. Then you should not say another term. This lady has become the next one to talk. Check the lady squarely inside the vision so she can visit your strength and your sincerity. Boldly and confidently grasp her neck or fingers. Just be sure she knows you are considering the woman in an enchanting man-woman style of method.

End up being strong and type but never emotional or desperate. Generate the girl wish to come your way for the caring and comfy guy you’re and not for the good son who is “safe” and ordinary. Her true thoughts and purposes should reveal on their own just like the conversation unfolds.

Go for it,


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