Wood Space Studio is all about improving your home with unique wooden designs.

Handmade quality products created using reclaimed, new woods and woven items.



Since products are made using different types of wood, each item is different in every shade and grain. Wood Space had all the products hand cut, sanded, stained and coated with wood varnish while still maintaining its wood quality.  You may see holes or dents on the products; please note that these are part of the quality of the wood that we have maintained to retain its natural effect.

Ready made items are not in ducco finish/laminated.

Images uploaded as well may not appear exactly as the product due to lighting, camera settings, type of wood, etc.

Souvenirs and Giveaways, Gardening and (some) Organizer Categories – Note that the crates and plant boxes are sold in “as is” basis. These items are in Bare Finish. Bare Finish are items that are sanded but not coated/varnished.

Here are our standard list of finish for your understanding:

Bare Finish – No coat or varnished but sanded and ready-to-use

Natural Finish – Varnished in clear coating. The actual color of the wood is shown. 

Dark Wood – Wood Stained to Dark Brown and coated after

Ebony – Wood stained to a mix of dark wood and black.  

For any other clarifications on the finish, you may contact us thru our social media accounts or email.



Some items will need a longer production time due to uncertain conditions such as the weather. We appreciate your understanding regarding this matter as we do not want to deliver items that are not at their best.  However, in case of delays in delivery dates, we will notify you as early as we can to provide a new estimated date of delivery.



Delivery of items will depend on its availability. The availability of our items may change without prior notice as we have various channels from which our customers may order from. We always follow a first come, first serve basis for transparency and fairness to all our customers.

If the items are on-hand and available, we will definitely arrange for the immediate dispatch and delivery so that you may receive your orders at the soonest.

In the event that our products are sold out and your order is not available, don’t worry as we will commit to deliver your orders within the specified period (within 12 days). We need to ensure the quality of the items that will be delivered to you so we want to make sure that all our products will be done in accordance to our standards and will go through strict quality checking before we release them as on-hand items.

Before shipping the items, Wood Space will contact you based from the information you have provided, so please make sure that your details are correct. We do not deliver to incomplete details of address. A text message or email will be sent prior to sending the items to confirm if you or a representative will be able to receive the item.

We are avoiding return of items from our riders and couriers, so please align your schedule with us.


Follow ups:

Order confirmation is very important. We will be sending three follow up messages, if no response from these follow ups, your order will automatically be cancelled.



When your order is ready for delivery, we forward it to our couriers as soon as possible.

Couriers that we use are:

Mr. Speedy


In-house Delivery

Ninja Van


Shipping Days are counted when items are on-hand

Metro Manila – 1 to 7 business days

Outside Metro Manila – 7 to 15 business days

If you would like to track your parcel, please message us.


Returns, Replace and Return Policy

Items for delivery especially outside Metro Manila is packed with clear plastic, bubble wraps and carton to secure item. We make sure that items are in good condition.

If you wish to return your purchase, the product must be received by us in the same condition you have received it. The product must be in new, unused condition with all the original packaging intact. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs for returning your item.

In the event that the item received has been damaged due to delivery, you may request for a replacement. We only allow a maximum of 3 days for the items to be shipped back to us for replacement. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs for replacement your item. Kindly note that we do not issue replacement until the original item is received on our end. Once item has been received, we will schedule another pick up for the delivery of your replacement.

We do not issue a refund on the items. As disclaimed, the wood we use are a mix of reclaimed, new woods and woven items. Actual item may appear different on posted pictures due to lighting and type of wood.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.